Established in 1993, Horng Yeuan Digital Co., Ltd. (“Horng Yeuan”) refocused its core operations towards game software development in 2011. In 2017, the company added electronic commerce into the service repertoire for console game publication/distribution, customized game development, integrated game advertising and marketing service outreach. Horng Yeuan was officially registered on Go-incubation Board in January 2017 (TPEx: 7513)

In terms of game business, Horng Yeuan has developed and distributed several games for PS3, PSM, Android, iOS and Steam (PC) platforms, and successfully acquired nationwide publication rights of the console version of several domestically developed games with the support of Japanese partners to become of the two console game distributors in Taiwan. Several game customization projects are currently in progress.

Horng Yeuan has created a brand new electronic commerce team to leverage antique trading and integrated design and boutique platforms, harness advanced game-related techniques and resources, introduce differentiated platform feature, and secure partnerships with international peers to create a win-win promotion and commercial models that accelerate the matching of buyers and sellers as well as transactions. Horng Yeuan aims to make a breakthrough in the world of conventional transaction frameworks through innovation.

History of
Horng Yuean

Apr 2018   Integrated game advertising and marketing services outreach
Mar 2018   Launch of the electronic commerce platform “7513 (Celebrity) Collection”
Jan  2018   Launch of electronic commerce platform “Designer Tribe (7513 Shopee)”
Dec 2017   The fifth self-developed game “Falsus Chronicle: Ancient Treasure” was launched as early access game on Steam
Dec 2017  The fifth self-developed game “Falsus Chronicle: Ancient Treasure” was launched as early access game on Steam
Oct 2017   Contracted with Japanese publisher “COSEN Co., Ltd.” to initiate game distributor business
Jan  2017   Registered as a GISA stock (TPEx: 7513)
Aug 2016  The fourth self-developed game “Falsus Chronicle:Forgotten Child” was available on Apple App Store
Jun  2016   The fourth self-developed game “Falsus Chronicle:Forgotten Child” was available on Google Play
Sep  2015  Received support from Taipei Exchange to register on Go-incubation Board
Aug 2013  The third self-developed game “Mech-Hit” was available on PSM
May 2013  The second self-developed game “Rush Cat” was available as the first PSM game from Taiwan
Dec  2011  The first self-developed puzzle game “Celia” achieved the best completeness and demo satisfaction in SONY incubation center.
May 2011  Joined SONY Incubation Center PS3 game development team

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